As a Touchstone Energy Cooperative partner, Northfork Electric and its members have access to a new online do-it-yourself home energy audit tool developed by Touchstone Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

By clicking on the provided Home Energy Saver link, homeowners are informed of the best ways they can save energy in their homes.

Not only is this a fantastic way to save energy, but you can also save almost $600 per year when you make the suggested upgrades to your home. In about five minutes, the Home Energy Saver's energy advisor calculates your home’s energy use. It then breaks down the suggested upgrades and tells you how much you can save by completing each one.

Membership Benefits

Ever wonder what you could do to make your home more energy-efficient? NFEC’s members are eligible for a free, professional energy audit. Each audit takes about an hour to complete and produces a detailed report outlining what, if any, upgrades are needed. The report will list a variety of energy-saving recommendations so the member can prioritize which ones make sense for them.

To sign up for a professional energy audit, click here or contact an NFEC member service representative at 580-928-3366.

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