Sayre City Park Receives CoBank Sharing Success Grant

   On July 15, Northfork Electric presented the City of Sayre with a CoBank Sharing Success grant for $5,000. Northfork Electric applied for the grant with the cooperative bank on the behalf of the city. NFEC’s grant to the City of Sayre will contribute to the park’s restoration. The park’s damages, totaling nearly $1,000,000, are a result of flooding earlier this year. The rock wall, miniature golf course and rodeo arena are a few of the impacted areas.

   According to the national register of historic places, the park formally opened in 1940. Works Progress Administration architect, J. N. Willis, built the park’s structures in a Pueblo Revival style. It became nationally recognized as a local landmark in 2004 due to its historical affiliation with Route 66.

    The park has played a pivotal role in NFEC’s Annual Meetings. Lisa Dailey, NFEC’s Director of Administrative and Office Services, said, “The park is a gathering place for our community. For 66 years, the City of Sayre has been generous enough to allow us to use the park for our annual membership meeting.”

   NFEC strives to better the communities it serves and improve its member-consumer’s quality of life. NFEC belongs to the community and continues to be led by the community satisfying the cooperative difference.

   CoBank’s $4 million Sharing Success grant program is designed to celebrate the vital role that cooperatives play in communities across the country. CoBank states that collaborating with their customers to support causes they care about is a great way for them to make a positive difference and fulfill its mission of service to rural America.

   NFEC is a not-for-profit cooperative that energizes over 2,523 miles of distribution line across Western Oklahoma. For more information about NFEC, visit and like and follow Northfork Electric on Facebook and Instagram.

Lisa Dailey